واردات لاستیک خودرو
واردات لاستیک خودرو
واردات لاستیک خودرو

Can you imagine a car without tires? Of course not. The idea of a car without tires is strange and funny. The reality is that the car tire is one of the essential necessities of the car and is the only center of connection of the car to the ground. For this reason, it has great importance in car safety. Currently, depending on the brand and model of the car, tires are offered in various types in the market.

Considering the importance of car tires, in this article, we introduce different types of it and mention the points that are needed for buying tires. If you are confused about buying, if you want to know how long is the useful life of the tire? You do not know when to change the car tire and… stay with us in the following.

Introduction to General Types of Car Tires:

Car tires are divided into several types. The general classification of tire types includes summer tires, winter tires, and all-season tires. Each of these tires performs best under specific conditions.

Summer Tires:

If you live in cities with a hot and dry climate, this category of tires is suitable for you. As the name of these tires suggests, they are not suitable for cold and humid weather conditions. An interesting point is that the ones equipped with directional treads are considered the best of this type of tire.

Winter Tires:

As their name suggests, winter or snow tires are only used for specific weather conditions. The primary function of these tires is to maintain grip and control of the vehicle in severe weather conditions, such as ice and snow .

Winter tires are not suitable for use in all seasons and are only cost-effective for those who live in areas that are always cold. An important point to note about this type of tire is that winter tires must have the snowflake or mountain symbol on them, otherwise they are not considered winter or snow tires.

All-Season Tires:

All-season tires are one of the most popular types of tires in the Iranian and global markets. This category of tires is designed to meet the user’s needs in different seasons, from warm to cold weather and even light snow conditions. The important point is that the grip of these tires is suitable in various weather conditions and they also have good speed. Of course, being four-season tires does not mean that they are the best. Because tire manufacturers have to sacrifice some factors to maintain the versatility of these products. Four-season tires are also divided into 2 categories as follows:

High-performance all-season tires:

For drivers who are into speed and showy maneuvers, high-performance tires are a suitable option. This type of tire has more grip on the ground and generally provides more comfort for passengers at higher speeds. Sports cars usually use this type of tire.

Grand Touring all-season tires:

If you value peace of mind while driving and are not into speed and showy maneuvers, we recommend this type of tire. The advantages of these tires include low noise and multi-purpose use. It is noteworthy that these tires have a longer lifespan than other types.

واردات لاستیک خودرو

Introduction to types of car tires based on structure

As we mentioned earlier, car tires have different types that are different from each other based on their application and structure. In the following, you will become familiar with the types of car tires based on structure:

Bias tires:

The internal structure of these tires is made up of layers of carcass (or cord) that are woven in a cross and rod shape. These carcass layers are usually made of polyester, nylon, or glass fiber. These tires have features such as long life, high tolerance, good performance in difficult conditions, etc.

Radial tires:

A radial tire is a type of car tire whose internal structure is made up of layers of radial carcass. In this type of tire, the carcass layers (or cords) run vertically towards the center of the tire and are at a 90-degree angle to the tire axis. This structure gives the tires flexibility and long life. The features of radial tires include long life, minimum wear, high performance, fuel efficiency, wide range of applications, uniform wear, repairability, and…

Radial tires are available in many types and brands and are suitable for everyday driving and long-distance travel. Choosing the right tire depends on the type and driving conditions of the vehicle and your needs.

How long do car tires last?

The amount of wear on car tires depends on various factors, and it is not possible to determine exactly how long it takes for a tire to reach the minimum tread depth. However, some of the factors that affect tire wear include:

  • Driving conditions: Road and weather conditions (such as cold, hot, rain, snow, etc.) can increase tire wear quickly.
  • Air pressure: Maintaining air pressure within the range recommended by the tire manufacturer can increase tire life.
  • Driving style: Faster and higher speed driving can cause tires to wear out faster.
  • Quality and type of tire: High-quality tires usually have less wear.
  • Maintenance and monitoring: Regular monitoring and maintenance of tires, including checking the depth of wear lines and examining the date of manufacture of the tires, are also important.

Usually, tires should be replaced every 40,000 to 80,000 kilometers of wear, but this amount may vary and they may need to be replaced sooner. To ensure the condition of the tires and safety in driving, it is recommended to periodically check the condition of the tires and make sure to replace them in a timely manner.

Buying car tires:

Choosing the right tire for your car requires attention to some important factors, which we will discuss below:

Tire size and type: First, you need to know the required size and type of tire for your car. This information is usually available in the car manual or on the current tires.

Driving conditions: Choose the appropriate tire for your car based on driving conditions and the region you live in. Winter tires are suitable for snowy and icy conditions, while summer or all-season tires are suitable for driving in dry and rainy conditions.

Quality and brand: Choosing a reputable and high-quality brand of tire is important. Famous brands usually have some quality guarantee.

Price comparison: Comparing prices and offers from different sellers can help you get the best discount.

واردات لاستیک خودرو

Road conditions: Consider the road conditions you mostly drive on. If you drive on off-road or out-of-town routes, think about suitable tires.

Installation and replacement: Tires must be replaced regularly. You should check the tire production date and determine the replacement time based on the kilometers they have traveled.

Number of tires: The number of tires must be similar and identical. Preferably, all four or both front or rear tires should be replaced.

Proper installation: If the tires are replaced, make sure they are properly installed and dynamically balanced by a skilled mechanic.

Prevention and maintenance: After installation, it is necessary to carefully check the tires for air pressure, wear, and general condition, and perform regular maintenance.

Use of anti-theft tires: In cities with a risk of tire theft, using anti-theft tires helps to secure the tires…

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