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Handsfree import

Listening to music or podcasts that we like is one of the pleasures of life. But this pleasure sometimes faces problems. For example, when we are in crowded streets or public transportation such as subway or taxi, we cannot easily enjoy music or podcasts. Because the sound of the environment may bother us or we may not be able to control our own sound. In these situations, using earphones or headphones can be a suitable solution. By using these devices, we can deliver the sound of our choice to our ears and separate ourselves from the environmental noise. We can also adjust the volume of the sound as we wish and prevent our ears from being hurt.

This is why the demand for buying and using earphones and headphones has increased among people nowadays. This demand has caused the import market of these devices from different countries to also flourish. One of the countries that is active in this field is China. China is one of the largest producers and exporters of earphones and headphones in the world. This country can meet the needs of customers by producing different types of these devices with different qualities and prices. Importing earphones and headphones from China can be an opportunity for Iranian importers to earn income. But to do this, some points need to be considered.

In this article, we intend to give you a complete guide on importing earphones and headphones from China. We will tell you how you can communicate with Chinese suppliers, how you can check the quality and price of the products, how you can perform the customs and transportation steps, and how you can expand your sales market in Iran. We hope this article will be useful for you.

What are Handsfree and Headset?


    • Handsfree are considered as accessories for mobile phones and tablets.
    • Handsfree can be used for voice calls, music playback, and many other related features.
    • This device is smaller, lighter, cheaper, and more portable than headphones.
    • Handsfree fit inside the ear and have a small microphone. The microphone is attached to the clothing by a clip behind them.
    • Headsets are usually compatible with mobile phones and music players.


      • Headsets and headphones both have headbands and cups, but headsets do not have earbuds.
      • Headsets have larger speakers that are placed outside the ear.
      • Unlike hands-free, headsets usually do not have a microphone that is connected to the device separately and prominently.

Based on the above, the choice between handsfree and headset depends on your needs and usage. Handsfree is suitable for daily use and phone calls, while headset is more suitable for listening to music and using in video conferences and computer games.

هندزفری و هدست

Different types of Handsfree and Headset

Handsfree and headset are two devices that are used to listen to sound from electronic devices. But do you know what differences these two devices have with each other and what different uses they have? In this article, we will examine the types of handsfree and headset and the use of each of them. We will also mention the reasons why importing these devices from China can be profitable.

1- Wired handsfree: which can be used for listening to music or talking on the phone by connecting the cable to the device.

2- Wireless handsfree: which are compatible with different devices using Bluetooth and can be used without a cable.

3- Wireless headsets: which are also compatible with different devices using Bluetooth but have a microphone in addition to the earpiece and are usually used for computer games and video meetings.

4- Noise-canceling headsets: which are suitable for use in environments with high noise and congestion levels and deliver higher quality sound from the speakers and microphones by reducing ambient noise.

5- Virtual reality (VR) headsets: which are designed for experiencing virtual reality games and transfer the 3D sound of the environment to the user through the headset.

6- Audio headsets for sports: which are designed for people who participate in sports such as running, bodybuilding and yoga and are resistant to moisture and water.

Also, some headsets and hands-free devices are designed for gaming that are used in computer games and are compatible with the needs of gamers. Also, some hands-free devices have the ability to cancel out environmental noise, which is very useful in environments with high levels of sound, such as public transportation.

Importing Handsfree

Probably with the explanations we gave, it has become clear why importing headphones from China has a good market and of course it also has a high profit for importers. But this work is only profitable when done correctly.

For this reason, we have examined the steps of importing headsets from China, which include: buying headphones and headsets from China, clearing the headphones and headsets purchased from the customs of this country and sending them to Iran, so that you can do these steps correctly and benefit from the profit of this import. We will first go to the first step of this import, which is buying headphones and headsets from China.

واردات هندزفری و هدست

Buying Handsfree

If you want to import Chinese handsfree and headsets, you have to first choose the suitable models according to the needs and preferences of the Iranian market. Then you have to contact the manufacturers or distributors of these products in China and get information about their price, quality, warranty, shipping and payment terms. This step is very important because if you buy handsfree and headsets with low quality or incompatible with the Iranian market, you will not only make no profit but also may face problems such as customer complaints, lack of sales, or customs sanctions.

Therefore, for buying quality handsfree and headsets from China, it is better to use reputable and reliable companies that have good experience and credibility in this field. These companies usually have international quality and standard certificates and produce products that are compatible with the needs of different markets. Also, these companies can help you in the stages of transportation, clearance, and payment of costs. After buying quality, you can offer your handsfree and headsets to the Iranian market with more confidence and enjoy their good sales.

Buying Handsfree in bulk

One of the ways to increase profit from importing Chinese handsfree and headsets is to buy these products in bulk from reputable manufacturers or suppliers in China. With this method, you can benefit from the discounts and reasonable prices that are offered for bulk buyers. Also, you can target different markets with having more inventory of handsfree and headsets, and use the high demand for these products in the Iranian market. By selling your handsfree and headsets at a higher price than the purchase price, you can make a considerable profit from importing these devices.

Of course, buying handsfree and headsets in bulk requires careful selection of different models and qualities. You have to make sure that you buy handsfree and headsets that match the standards of the Iranian market and are popular with customers. Also, you have to keep in mind that buying handsfree and headsets in bulk may incur higher costs for you. These costs may include transportation, insurance, customs, taxes, and storage. After buying in bulk, you have to compare these costs with the income from selling your products to calculate your profit.

Therefore, buying Chinese handsfree and headsets in bulk can be an effective solution to increase profits from importing these products. But you have to do this method with care and attention to details to be able to benefit from its advantages and prevent possible problems.

Buy Handsfree from China

When you want to buy handsfree and headsets from China, the first step is to choose the right company to sell these products. You have to choose the best option for yourself based on the quality, price, brand name and history of Chinese companies. You also have to specify the type of purchase you want, whether you want to buy these devices in bulk or individually.

After choosing the seller company, the next step is to send a pre-invoice to that company. A pre-invoice or proforma is an official document that shows important information about your purchase. This information includes the following items:

  • The name and address of the seller and the buyer.
  • The description and quantity of the products.
  • The unit price and total price of the products.
  • The terms and conditions of payment and delivery.
  • The validity period of the pre-invoice.
  • The signature and stamp of the seller.

You should complete your purchase proforma invoice with great care and avoid any ambiguity or mistake in it. Otherwise, the seller company may refuse to perform the purchase operation or send you products that do not match your request. This can cause problems in importing products and incur additional costs for you. Therefore, completing the purchase proforma invoice correctly is of great importance for a successful purchase from China.

واردات هندزفری

Clearance of headphones

After completing the purchase proforma invoice of handsfree and headsets and sending it to the seller company, you should wait for the answer of the seller company. If the seller company has prepared handsfree and headsets with good quality and in accordance with your request, they deliver them to the Chinese customs and you have to take action to get them from the customs. You have to give the documents that you have prepared before to the Chinese customs and ask them to release your handsfree and headsets. The Chinese customs also issue the clearance sheet of them after checking the goods and ensuring the absence of legal problems, and you can receive the goods and prepare them for sending to Iran.

Importer of Handsfree

To import handsfree and headsets from China, you have to go through several steps. These steps include buying these products from the Chinese seller company, clearing them from the Chinese customs and sending them to Iran. These steps require the presence of a person in China who can do these tasks closely. This person is called a forwarder in the trade term. A forwarder is someone who acts as your representative in China and is responsible for buying, clearing and sending handsfree and headsets. By using the services of a forwarder, you can avoid traveling to China and doing the import steps of these products personally.

Transportation of Handsfree

To send the handsfree and headsets that you have purchased from China, you have to use the cargo method. Cargo is a method of transferring goods from one country to another using a freight transport vehicle. This method has advantages such as low cost, ease of execution and high speed. Cargo is done in three different ways:

  • Air cargo: In this method, a cargo plane is used to transport goods from China to Iran. This is the fastest cargo method.
  • Sea cargo: In this method, a cargo ship is used to move goods from China to Iran. This is the most popular and common cargo method for transferring bulk goods from China to Iran.
  • Land cargo: In this method, a freight train is used to transport headphones and headsets from China to Iran. This method is less noticed and only used for transferring goods that are flammable.

Profit of importing handsfree

The profit of importing handsfree from China cannot be easily calculated. This profit depends on the difference between the purchase and sale prices of the handsfree and headsets that you buy from China. To increase this price difference and consequently the profit of importing these products, you must observe two important points.

The first point is to buy handsfree and headsets in bulk so that their purchase price is lower. The second point is to buy handsfree and headsets from a reputable company so that their quality is high and buyers in Iran buy them at a higher price.

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