واردات لامپ خودرو
واردات لامپ خودرو
واردات لامپ خودرو

Import of car lamps by Tata Trading Company

Types of Car Headlights

When choosing a new or used vehicle, most drivers think about things like space, engine, safety features, style, fuel efficiency, and other factors; but other important aspects should also be considered. Other features may receive less attention, but they can still be of high importance; because their poor quality or even absence will cause major problems later on.

One of these features is the car headlight. The main difference in choosing the right bulb is between seeing clearly and well, and not seeing well. The stronger your car’s headlight, the better you will see ahead and your path. When driving at night, the more you see, the more comfortably and safely you can drive. Some car lights are so powerful that they illuminate your path at night, just like daylight.

Standard car headlights have been around since the first cars came off their production line and entered the single-color garages of the aristocrats more than 100 years ago. Standard lights have a forward-facing bulb in a box or reflective frame. The early models, which continued until the late twentieth century, were filament and resembled household lamps. These filament lamps heated up a lot, did not last long, and produced a very weak light that was not useful. Halogen lamps improved this technology by using halogen gas instead of filament. This created a much more uniform light on the path. Today, standard halogen lamps are still the most common front lamps on the road.

Car headlight projector

One of the types of car headlights is the car headlight projector, which works similar to standard lamps; but they have a special lamp facing backwards. This lamp illuminates the reflective compartment of the headlight to create a brighter, more focused, and better point. Projector headlights are standard on many 2018 Kia models, including the 2018 Kia Sorento, 2018 Kia Sportage, and other vehicles.

What kind of lamps should be used when the weather is foggy?

When driving in fog to increase visibility for your and passengers’ safety, it is necessary to use fog lights. Driving in fog depends on your visibility, can you see more than 100 meters ahead of you in the rain? If so, it is recommended to turn on your low beam lights. But if you can’t see more than 100 meters ahead, you should use fog lights; to see your path well and other drivers can easily see you.

واردات لامپ خودرو

Halogen lamps (Star lamp)

Halogen headlights, also known as Star lamps, are typically embedded in the bowl of car headlights that are of adequate quality and not expensive. Also, their brightness is not as dazzling as other lamps like Xenon, which will be explained later, but this does not mean that they have unacceptable brightness.

These lamps are composed of inert gas and a small amount of halogen gas that produces light when heated.

Headlight lamps

The most use and reception from drivers is related to the headlight lamp. Why is “headlight” of high importance to customers? Is the best car lamp currently a headlight?

Headlights are popular compared to other “car lamps” due to their many benefits and variety in their construction. Low consumption, resistance to impact, long life, and its main feature, which is having suitable light, are just some of the advantages of this lamp. Also, some types of headlights have a waterproof feature, which is a great advantage compared to other car lights. For this reason, most people suggest a headlight for the car’s front lamp.

Car headlight Xenon (HID)

Perhaps you have experienced that while driving at night, your car’s lights have broken down and you have realized that without light, you can’t even move a meter forward. HID lamps, with high light intensity, not only create more light in the farther path, but also have a completely natural brightness. HID headlights, also called Xenon lamps, because “Xenon” is one of the gases inside the lamp that creates extraordinary brightness.

Car headlight LED

LED car headlights are one of the most energy-efficient lamps available in the market. LED lamps are among the newest and most attractive ones that have been able to find many fans.

With a more focused and uniform appearance than other car headlights, LEDs can be used in different shapes next to a lamp. This adaptability has made it part of the most interesting designs of car front and rear lights in the past 5 to 10 years.

LEDs are cooler than any other lamp in headlight technology. This means they have a longer lifespan. Various Kia models like the 2018 Kia Soul have default LED lights that have been used for better style and performance in these vehicles.

Car headlight laser

Laser headlights are a new technology in the market. However, note that the laser is actually from the car’s headlight compartment that does not radiate. Instead, the laser has been used instead of electricity to stimulate a gas that produces photons like the car’s HID lamp.

The difference is that laser headlights are more versatile and have different shapes and designs than LED lights, but they have over 1000 times better output energy.

The importance of car headlights

It is obvious that headlights are one of the most essential tools of your car and for various reasons it is important that different types of car headlights work in the best condition. Properly adjusted and cared for headlights can literally make the difference between life and death. Headlights allow you to see road signs, unexpected obstacles, and many other important things.

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