صادرات گل گاوزبان

Borage flower is a plant with light blue flowers that turn purple when dried. Borage tea, in addition to its therapeutic properties, is used for blood purification, treatment of spasms, stimulation of adrenal glands, heart and vascular strengthening, respiratory softening, and expectorant, but due to the presence of alkaloids, it is harmful for pregnant women and children.

Borage flower is one of these highly beneficial and very useful plants in traditional medicine, the consumption of which can be beneficial in many different ways. This plant is one of the very useful herbal teas that is recommended by traditional medicine doctors for various issues and its uses are very extensive. This plant is also one of the important therapeutic cases in the book of Avicenna’s Canon. In the following, we will discuss this beneficial, fragrant, and colorful plant in more detail.

What is the Borage flower plant?

Before examining the uses and benefits of this plant, it’s better to briefly get to know it. This plant, which has many different species, is used as a herbal tea. It generally grows in mountains and covered areas of plains, and its flowers, which are usually purple, have medicinal properties.

Borage is an annual herbaceous plant that usually grows up to 60 centimeters tall. Its stem is grooved and its leaves are simple and velvety. This plant typically grows wild in the foothills of the Alborz Mountains in Iran. In the northern regions of Iran, this plant also grows wild in the foothills. The consumable part of this plant is its leaves and flowers.

The scientific name of Borage is Echium. The main genus is Echium and it is separated into many different species, each related to a specific geographical area. The most important classification of this plant is Iranian Borage and European Borage. Another important question is whether the nature of Borage is warm or cold? In traditional medicine, the nature of this plant is introduced as warm and wet (humid).

What are the differences between Borage in different regions?

The Borage family plant is from the flowering and dicotyledonous plant family and from the Borage tribe. However, this plant has different species, each of which belongs to a particular geographical area. Generally, all these plants are almost similar in appearance. The difference between Iranian Borage and European Borage is more in the properties of these two herbal compounds. In the table below, we have examined their differences.

How is Borage consumed?

Commonly in Iran, this plant is used as a herbal tea. The flowers of this plant are dried after harvesting and then consumed as tea or herbal tea. Sometimes this plant is consumed along with other plants and herbal teas as a combined hot beverage.

Another form of consumption of this plant is in the form of distillate. The distillate obtained from this plant provides the same medicinal and therapeutic properties. However, the most common use of this plant is as tea. Borage tea has a unique taste and aroma, and many people use it as a main beverage.

In some countries, especially European countries, dried flowers of this plant or fresh flowers are used in various salads and soups. Another type of consumption of this plant is the consumption of seeds or borage flower seeds. The oils obtained from these seeds can be used topically for various therapeutic purposes.

How is the method of brewing and the amount of consumption of borage flower?

صادرات گل گاوزبان

Properties and benefits of borage flower
This medicinal and very beneficial plant has many advantages. This plant is used to treat various diseases and is one of the very important plants in traditional medicine. In this plant, one can find rich sources of antioxidants, flavonoids, anthocyanins, gamma linoleic acid, choline, B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium. Considering all these, one can consider many benefits for this plant.

It is interesting to know that after the Crusades, this plant spread from Spain to all over Europe and it was there that this plant was used for its medicinal properties. Ibn Sina had spoken about this plant several times in his book, and since this book was accepted by most European medical professors, this plant was specially considered in Europe for therapeutic purposes such as treating depression.

The most important benefits of this plant can be considered for stress treatment, the use of this plant in regulating blood pressure, the property of borage flower for treating stomach pain and digestive problems, the properties of borage flower for colds and cough treatment, solving bone problems and improving sleep quality. The anti-cancer, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant properties, anti-cough, disinfectant, and antiviral properties of borage flower have been confirmed in traditional medicine.

  1. Borage flower properties for women in preventing early menopause

This plant has properties that can prevent early menopause. In addition, in menopausal women, the consumption of borage flower tea has many benefits. In menopausal women, due to hormonal changes, their mood undergoes many changes and as a result, the doctor usually prescribes a series of hormonal drugs and treatments for them.

In addition to these treatments, a traditional medicine doctor may recommend the consumption of borage flower tea to improve the mood of menopausal women. The property of this plant causes these hormonal and mood changes to have less negative effects on the nerves and psyche of menopausal women. This plant can be consumed alone or in combination with other plants such as chamomile or ambergris. In addition to these, the properties of borage flower for the uterus are also among the practical uses of borage flower that help its proper function.

  1. Borage flower properties for nerves

The tea of this plant can be considered as a nerve and psyche enhancer. In addition, this magical substance can also enhance the five senses. This plant can be a stimulant and also treat sensory disorders.

This tea can be used for stress and nerves, as well as for the treatment of melancholia, obsessive thoughts, and a sense of heaviness. The reason is the effect of this plant on nerves and psyche and reducing the side effects of stress and overthinking. In Avicenna’s book, the famous effect of borage flower is calming the nerves. Therefore, many people recognize this plant as an anti-stress tea and use its therapeutic properties to reduce stress. This plant has a significant effect in reducing stress and nervous pressures.

  1. Benefits of borage flower for cough and cold

Another medicinal property of borage flower is its effect in treating colds, coughs, and shortness of breath. For medicinal use of this plant for this purpose, they usually combine borage flower tea with a little lemon and honey and consume this hot tea for the treatment of colds, shortness of breath, and sore throat.

Consuming this herbal tea is very beneficial in cold seasons. In addition, this plant can also treat chronic coughs and is very useful for improving shortness of breath, mild asthma, and sore throat treatment. The main advantage and benefit of this plant for treating cough and shortness of breath is in its combination with chamomile, poppy flower, and ambergris. The properties of borage flower and ambergris for dry cough treatment are unique.

By using the recipe for preparing tea of this plant and ambergris, it can be used to treat chronic coughs. Usually, the mixture of borage flower and ambergris should be consumed two to three times a day. This tea is also used in traditional medicine for the treatment of corona and its dry coughs.

  1. Borage flower properties in traditional medicine for oral diseases

One of the ways to use this plant is to use fresh leaves and dried flowers of this plant in a dry form. These plants are used to treat oral thrush, bad breath, treatment of mouth sores and ulcers, etc. The disinfectant property of this plant is considered in this regard. In addition to the presence of rich sources of vitamin C in borage flower, it is very useful in improving oral and dental health and hygiene.

صادرات گل گاوزبان
  1. Borage flower property for cancer prevention

As mentioned, this plant is a rich source of various antioxidants. In addition, this plant contains high amounts of magnesium. Also, some sources can give borage flower anti-cancer properties and for this reason, one of the medicinal properties of this plant is its effect in preventing breast, prostate, and liver cancer. This medicinal plant has been used in many treatments.

  1. Borage flower property on the kidney

In Avicenna’s book, as a reference to medical science and traditional medicine, many properties of this plant on the kidney and treatment of kidney diseases have been mentioned. This plant is diuretic and can improve kidney function. In addition, it can be used in some cases to treat urinary incontinence.

This tea protects the body against cold. In general, the medicinal properties of borage flower can strengthen the kidneys. On the other hand, in traditional medicine, this plant is used to treat inflammation and swelling of the kidneys. This herbal combination is also used in the treatment of many urinary and bladder infections.

7. The Effect of Borage Flower on Sleep

The main feature of this plant is its calming effect. Since this plant can affect the nervous system and reduce stress, one of its uses is to improve sleep and treat sleep problems. Consuming borage flower before sleep as tea or infusion can have a good effect on having a quality and complete sleep. The calming effects of this infusion and its effect on nerves and psyche can be effective in treating sleep problems.

8. Medicinal Properties of Borage Flower in Treating Some Infections

In traditional medicine, borage flower is used to treat some infections and diseases. This plant is effective in treating bronchitis. Based on Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine, this plant can be beneficial for treating measles and chickenpox. As mentioned before, this plant has been introduced for its antiseptic properties. Also, due to its alkaloids, this plant can have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-rheumatic properties.

9. Borage Flower and Blood Pressure

As mentioned before, borage flower can provide a rich source of antioxidants. These antioxidants present in this plant can help improve blood circulation and as a result, its medicinal properties are used to treat high blood pressure. This plant is very beneficial for diabetics and those with high blood sugar, as its consumption as tea can reduce blood sugar in these individuals.

10. Borage Flower for Addiction Treatment

In many cases, this plant is used to help with addiction. For example, it can be used to treat alcohol addiction. Consuming this plant reduces people’s desire to consume alcohol, and therefore it can be used as a complementary method to help quit addiction.

11. Therapeutic Properties of Borage Flower for Skin and Hair

In European herbal medicine, an oily extract obtained from the seeds of this plant or borage flower is used to prepare a magical compound for improving skin and hair health. However, the species used in Europe is one of the species of the borage flower family and is somewhat different from the Iranian sample.

The extract obtained from the borage flower leaf is a softening compound that is used to alleviate skin dryness, treat eczema and skin rashes, and treat skin itching. In some cases, this plant is also used to treat facial pimples.

The oil obtained from borage flower is an extraordinary herbal compound for hair. Rubbing this oil on the hair can reduce many scalp and hair problems. It is especially used to treat folliculitis of the hair, in which the hair follicles are damaged and fall out due to infection and inflammation. Therefore, borage flower oil is considered a therapeutic oil for hair loss.

In some cases, borage flower is used to treat dandruff. This compound as oil can be effective in treating scalp itching and by improving scalp health, it can also treat dandruff. As a result, with the help of this herbal compound, you can have shiny and thick hair.

صادرات گل گاوزبان
  1. Borage Flower Properties for Menstruation

This herbal compound is extremely beneficial for menstruation, which is why we recommend learning how to prepare borage flower infusion. Its consumption can help women regulate their menstrual cycle and address the problem of delayed menstrual cycles. Also, due to the natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of this plant, it can be used to treat and reduce back pain during menstruation, heartburn during this period, and reduce stress and improve nerves.

  1. Medicinal Properties of Borage Flower for Stomach

In general, many herbal infusions are used to treat stomach pain, digestive problems, and intestinal issues. One of the benefits of borage flower is also in treating stomach pain and improving intestinal conditions.

If someone is experiencing severe heartburn or has digestive problems after consuming certain foods, consuming borage flower infusion along with hot candy or sugar can be effective. The combination of borage flower with bitter orange can be considered as one of the very beneficial infusions for strengthening the stomach and treating digestive problems.

What are the side effects of excessive consumption of borage flower?

Any herbal substance, even if it has many benefits, should be consumed normally and within a normal range. This should also be considered for the consumption of borage flower. Excessive consumption of this herbal infusion can have some side effects.

For example, excessive consumption of borage flower and high and long-term doses of this infusion, due to the presence of some compounds in this plant called pyrrolizidine alkaloids, may increase the risk of liver cancer and liver poisoning and damage to this vital organ. Excessive consumption of this infusion is also prohibited for those who suffer from high blood pressure and can be risky.

Excessive consumption of this plant can cause severe drowsiness at high concentrations instead of improving sleep quality. Reckless consumption of this plant may also experience side effects such as constipation, headache, or dry mouth. In this regard, in addition to a traditional medicine doctor, you can also talk to a nutritionist.

Is borage flower a sedative?

Yes, consuming borage flower infusion or distillate is one of the therapeutic methods used to improve sleep problems and create a sense of calm. Do not consume borage flower before driving or performing heavy activities.

Who is borage flower harmful to?

Caution should be exercised when consuming any herbal medicine and herbal infusions. Especially, consuming this plant with some chemical drugs can be risky. Therefore, based on the data, consuming this herbal medicine with other nervous system drugs such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety, sedatives, hypnotics, and antihistamines can be very dangerous. Consumption of borage flower is prohibited for those who suffer from very high blood pressure, have recently undergone surgery, are bleeding, suffer from liver diseases, and similar cases.

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