صادرات گل ختمی

What is a Hollyhocks?

Hollyhock is a medicinal plant that grows in many parts of the world. This flower is a flowering plant from the Malvaceae family. The stem of this plant is cylindrical, furry, and light green. Its leaves are round and medium green, and it has large flowers in pink, light purple, red, white, and yellow colors. Tree baking, washing, Alasras, Angel, and Althaea are other names for Hollyhock.

What are the types of hollyhock?

There are many varieties of hollyhock; however, the two main types of hollyhock are available in purple and white. In some countries like Iran, there are different species of hollyhock with different names that are traditionally used to treat various diseases.

For example, in Iran, hollyhock is also known as “Mountain Chamomile”, “Jasmine or Sorrel”, and “Mountain Sorrel”. Also, in some other parts of the world, hollyhock is known by various names such as “Tall Leaf Hollyhock”, “Afghan Hollyhock”, “Indian Hollyhock”, and “African Hollyhock”.

In addition, there are some similar plants with different names in Iran and other countries. For example, in Iran, a plant named “Milk Thistle” or “Pasture Milk Thistle” is known as hollyhock, which grows in some parts of Iran. Also, the plant “Tash Kahriz”, which is located in some western parts of Iran, has been introduced as hollyhock.

The most important properties of hollyhocks

Hollyhock is a renowned medicinal plant with a plethora of properties. Some of the most significant properties of hollyhock include:

Anti-inflammatory: Hollyhock is recognized as a potent anti-inflammatory substance that can help reduce various inflammations such as joint inflammation, skin inflammation, digestive system inflammation, etc.

Antiviral: This plant has strong antiviral properties and can help control diseases such as influenza, colds, etc.

Antibacterial: Hollyhock has antibacterial properties that can help treat various bacterial infections such as urinary tract infections and respiratory system infections.

Antifungal: This plant has strong antifungal properties that can help control fungal infections such as skin fungus, foot fungus, etc.

Immune System Booster: Hollyhock can help strengthen the body’s immune system and prevent various diseases.

Antispasmodic: This plant can help control various spasms such as intestinal spasms, respiratory system spasms, etc.

Pain Relief: Hollyhock has analgesic properties and can help reduce various pains such as muscle pain, joint pain, etc.

Other medicinal properties of hollyhock or baking can include treating fever, healing wounds, treating snake bites, treating colds and sore throats, soothing chickenpox, stimulating appetite, soothing respiratory problems, helping digestive health, etc.

صادرات گل ختمی

Properties of hollyhocks for hair

Hollyhock is one of the best medicinal plants for hair growth, preventing hair loss, strengthening hair, and moisturizing hair. Some of the properties of white hollyhock for hair include:

Natural Softener

Hollyhock is considered a herbal softener for hair. With regular use of this herbal hair softener, you can have smooth and soft hair. Hollyhock eliminates hair dryness.


One of the properties of hollyhock for hair is its anti-knot property. Hollyhock decoction quickly softens dry hair loops by moisturizing them.

Hair Growth

Hollyhock contains vitamins and antioxidants that affect the strengthening of skin and hair. Mix fresh hollyhock blossoms with coconut oil to get a soft paste. Apply the obtained paste on the scalp and wash your head after one to two hours. Do this 3 to 4 times a month. After a while, you will see an increase in your hair growth.

Vitality and Freshness of Hair

To get rid of dandruff, you can wash your hair with hollyhock decoction.

Hair loss treatment

Hollyhock is highly effective in preventing hair loss. The extract of hollyhock root and stem are very beneficial for health, skin, and hair, and hollyhock is the best cleanser that one can wash their hair with.

Natural Hair Color

Hollyhock can be your natural hair color. The result of using hollyhock as a natural hair color will be excellent, as you will also have smooth and soft hair at the same time.

How to Use Hollyhock for Hair: First, you need to add blue hollyhock to the water and boil it for 10 minutes and then strain it. In the next step, boil a bunch of blue-purple hollyhock in hot water and let it cool after ten minutes. Now pour the resulting solution into a bottle and spray it on your hair. After 15 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo and then rinse it. You will see a highlight of yellow color on gray hair.

Shampoo Substitute

Traditional medicine has proven that using hollyhock for hair is the best substitute for chemical shampoos for washing hair. It is necessary to use dried hollyhock to prepare this shampoo.

Hollyhock shampoo has numerous benefits, including preventing hair loss, preventing scalp oiliness, preventing dandruff, preventing scalp itching, promoting hair growth, increasing hair softness, reconstructing hair shafts, eliminating lice, and providing relief for migraines.

How to make hollyhock shampoo: You will need some dried white hollyhock flowers. The best type of hollyhock for making this shampoo is white hollyhock. Grind the dried white hollyhock flowers and sift them. Pour a tablespoon of this obtained powder into a container containing two cups of boiling water, and wait for the plant to infuse. Then pour this solution into a sock or strainer to strain it.

How to use hollyhock shampoo: After straining the contents, you can use your natural shampoo. Just keep in mind that this shampoo does not contain additives and preservatives, so it can be stored for up to 3 days.

صادرات گل ختمی

Properties of white hollyhocks

White hollyhock is a type of hollyhock with white flowers that grows in warm and dry areas, including South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This plant is used as a medicinal plant in some countries, and its properties include strengthening the immune system, reducing inflammation and joint pain, improving digestion, and relieving anxiety. Also, due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic flavonoids, white hollyhock can be used as a natural antiseptic.

Properties of Purple hollyhocks

Purple hollyhock is a type of hollyhock plant that can be beneficial in treating many diseases. The way to use purple hollyhock is varied and you can do the following:

Use of dried flower: Since purple hollyhock is also available in dried form, you can use it to make cold or hot tea. To make tea, steep a teaspoon of dried flower in a cup of boiling water and leave it on very low heat for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove the tea from the heat and strain it. You can drink this tea cold or hot.
Use of extract: Purple hollyhock extract is also available and you can use it to strengthen the immune system, treat inflammations, and fight various infections. You can add a few drops of purple hollyhock extract to a glass of water or tea and drink it.
Use of distilled extract: Distilled extract of purple hollyhock is also available that you can use to strengthen the immune system, treat inflammations, and fight various infections. You can add a few drops of distilled purple hollyhock extract to a glass of water or tea and drink it.

Of course, purple hollyhock is widely used in many food industries as a natural colorant.

Properties of Yellow Hollyhocks

Yellow and white hollyhocks have more medicinal uses compared to other hollyhocks.

The parts of the yellow hollyhock that have medicinal benefits include the flower, fruit, and root. The flower and petals of the yellow hollyhock can be used as a herbal tea or herbal extract to take advantage of its medicinal properties.

Yellow hollyhock is considered a mucilaginous plant and contains a sugary compound called mucilage, which is why the primary use of yellow hollyhock is in the treatment of respiratory diseases and discomforts. In traditional medicine, yellow hollyhock tea is used to reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Other properties of yellow hollyhock include accelerating skin shedding and helping to rejuvenate the skin. It is also a very good disinfectant and antifungal. One of the properties of yellow hollyhock is that it helps to eliminate acne marks, reduce redness and burning of eczema, soften dry skins, and create freshness and vitality for the skin. Yellow hollyhock is used to treat hair loss, dandruff, and scalp oiliness.

Yellow hollyhock is a laxative and helps to relieve constipation. The properties of yellow hollyhock can be mentioned in the treatment of respiratory diseases, eliminating dry coughs, and relieving sore throat. Other properties of yellow hollyhock are for women. This herbal medicine can regulate menstruation and also eliminate menstrual discharges.

The properties of yellow hollyhock for the kidneys include eliminating swelling caused by water retention in the body, it is diuretic and generally a treatment method for urinary system discomforts and regulates blood sugar. Hollyhock extract increases body metabolism and prevents weight gain, fat accumulation in the liver, and the onset of fatty liver disease.

The poultice made from the leaves of yellow hollyhock has many properties and uses, including the treatment of tremors, relieving sciatica pain, healing fractures, eliminating boils, breast swelling, ear swelling, and stomach swelling. The root of the yellow hollyhock is used to treat skin disorders and the extract of the hollyhock root softens the skin, treats burns, and skin wounds. The decoction of the root of the yellow hollyhock is very effective and useful for treating dry coughs, treating colds, sore throat, and other respiratory problems.

Some uses of Yellow Hollyhocks

Another use of the yellow hollyhock plant is in the pharmaceutical industry. There is a new form of medicine from yellow hollyhock called Althadin, which is a combination of yellow hollyhock and oregano. This medicine is prescribed for the treatment of respiratory inflammations, irritative coughs, fever, and bronchitis.

A gum is produced from yellow hollyhock that is effective for relieving toothache. The root and flowers of yellow hollyhock are also used to produce cosmetic and hygiene products. The stem of the yellow hollyhock plant contains fiber, which is used to make paper. The root of yellow hollyhock is used to produce a type of glue. The oil extracted from the seeds of hollyhock is used to produce varnish and paint.

صادرات گل ختمی

Temperament of Hollyhocks

In traditional medicine, hollyhock has a cold and wet (phlegmatic) temperament. For people with a cold temperament, it is better to mix hollyhock with honey and use it.

How to prepare Hollyhocks tea

Pour a tablespoon of hollyhock flower into a teapot and pour water at 70 or 80 degrees over it. Let it steep for 15 minutes. Then if you like, you can sweeten your tea with honey and then drink it.

To prepare tea with hollyhock root, first clean the hollyhock root and then pour it into a liter of boiling water and let it steep for 30 minutes. After it cools down, pass it through a strainer and if you like, sweeten it with honey and drink it.

Hollyhocks Side Effects

Hollyhock is safe for most people. However, in some cases, caution should be exercised when using it; including:

Diabetes: Hollyhock can lower blood sugar levels. People with diabetes who use hollyhock should watch for signs of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia and carefully monitor their blood sugar. Surgery: As mentioned, hollyhock lowers blood sugar and there is a chance that it may interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery; therefore, it is better to stop using hollyhock at least 2 weeks before surgery. Pregnancy and breastfeeding: There is no precise information about the harms of hollyhock during pregnancy and breastfeeding. To be cautious, do not use hollyhock during this time.

Hollyhocks Side Effects for Children

As mentioned, hollyhock is a medicinal plant that is used in many countries for its medicinal and calming properties. However, it is better to consult your doctor before using it for children, as it may not be suitable for children in some cases and may have side effects.

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