Stepper motor

واردات استپر موتور
واردات استپر موتور
واردات استپر موتور

What is a stepper motor and what role does it play in a car?

A stepper motor is one of the important parts of a car engine. Its malfunction not only negatively affects the performance of the engine, but also increases the pollution of the car.

A stepper motor is one of the essential parts related to the torque production system (engine) and most cars are equipped with this part. This part is under the command of the engine unit and operates upon receiving instructions from it; the engine unit, based on the information it receives from other sensors, commands the stepper motor. In other words, the stepper motor is an actuator.

The function of this part causes the amount of air entering the engine at idle speed to be adjusted; idle speed refers to when the gas pedal is not being pressed by the driver. Not pressing the gas pedal can occur when starting the car, when the car is warming up, when the car is at a red light or in heavy traffic, or in the time interval between gear changes. If the stepper motor does not perform its duty properly, in addition to possibly causing the car to turn off in the above situations, it may also cause an accident.

Imagine that a driver at high speed intends to change gears, they first take their foot off the pedal and change gears. If at a time when the gear is disengaged and the driver has taken their foot off the gas pedal, the car turns off due to poor performance, the car’s brakes become severely weak and may cause an irreparable accident.

Signs of stepper motor failure

The main task of the stepper is to prevent the car from turning off at low speeds; in other words, the speed of the engine at low speeds is regulated by this part; therefore, its failure at low speeds is detectable and often when the engine is idling, the engine speed is not stable and constantly changes. The detection of stepper motor failure is also accompanied by other symptoms that we will mention below:

  • Increase in engine speed immediately after starting the car.

  • Car turns off when the gas pedal is released.

  • Decrease in engine speed under additional loads such as when the air conditioner is on.

  • The instability of the engine while idling.

  • The car’s unnecessary acceleration after starting the vehicle.

  • Increase in engine speed with the increase in engine temperature.

All signs of stepper motor failure are related to the operation of the stepper itself; because its valve does not open and close properly, and as a result, the amount of air intake to the engine is disrupted and the above issues will appear.

واردات استپر موتور

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