صادرات آویشن

History of Thyme

This plant originates from the Mediterranean Sea basin. People in this region were attracted to it because of its pink and purple flowers. Its small, hairy leaves and tiny four-seeded brown fruits gave the plant a pleasant taste and smell. The first people to use this plant introduced it as a fragrant medicinal herb for food, body, mouth, and feet. In ancient Egypt, it was used as a mouth freshener, in Egypt for mummification, in Rome for flavoring food, and so on.

Gradually, thyme made its way into apothecaries and then into the industry for the production of cosmetic and hygiene products.

If you look at the scientific documents of plants, you will see thyme with different names such as Hasha, Oshan, and Saatar Al-Hamir. Also, in Kurdish, it is called Jatri, Ankh, Azweh or Hezweh, in Gilaki language it is called Palangmushk, in Turkish it is called Kahlik Oto, Kahlik Oti, Kakleh Oti and in Lori language it is known as Oshom. Other names such as Saatar, Zaatar, Oshan, Ashma Kuhai, Sisambar, and Sosanbar have also been mentioned for this plant.

Main Benefits of Thyme for the Body

This plant is full of various compounds and vitamins that are essential and important for the body. That’s why it is considered among the therapeutic and beneficial plants for body health. If we want to summarize the properties of this plant, we can refer to the following effects:

  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties and eliminating small harmful microorganisms in the body
  • Soothing rheumatic, joint, and muscular pains
  • Antispasmodic and antiepileptic
  • Reducing sensitivity, itching, and sunburn damages
  • Treating body infections
  • Preventing inflammation and chronic diseases
  • Fighting free radicals due to the presence of antioxidants
  • Strengthening the body’s immune system
  • Improving heart function
  • Blood pressure control
  • Treating whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis, and relieving sore throat and cough
  • Strengthening vision
  • Improving digestive problems
  • Strengthening hair and skin health
  • Disinfectant in toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Eliminating plant pests
صادرات آویشن

Use of Thyme in Cooking

Using thyme can create an attractive taste in foods. You can add this spice to various soups, meats, stews, vegetables, etc. But in this section, we also intend to present several methods for using this plant in cooking:

  • Adding thyme to pasta liquid
  • Adding thyme to omelettes
  • Adding thyme to dishes made with legumes like beans and mushrooms
  • Adding thyme to fish
  • Adding thyme to soups and broths

You can use fresh or dried leaves or even powdered thyme in your food. The final taste usually doesn’t change much, but the best choice is fresh herbs.

Thyme Benefits for Skin and Hair

One of the most important properties mentioned for thyme is its effect on skin and hair. You can use this plant as a spray, infusion, or in your food. Anyway, the method of using this plant, whatever it is, will have extraordinary effects on your skin and hair:

  1. Thyme properties for acne skin

If your skin has acne, spots, and darkness, undoubtedly, thyme spray will be the best choice for you. Just brew the thyme and pour it into a spray bottle. Try to spray it on your face twice a day to see its effects in a short time.

  1. Controlling hair oiliness with thyme spray

You can also use thyme spray to control hair oiliness. Hair shine and preventing hair loss are other effects of hair spray. Besides this spray, thyme stimulates hair growth, and many people have been satisfied with their faster hair growth after use. It’s better to apply this spray from the root to the stem of your hair.

  1. Benefits of thyme distillate for the skin

In addition to the spray, thyme distillate also has a good effect on the skin. Drinking this liquid helps your wounds heal faster, moisturizes your skin, and minimizes acne formation. Also, thyme distillate helps regenerate and produce nutritious and beneficial substances in your body.

  1. Thyme mask for treating skin problems

You can use a thyme mask to benefit from the properties of this plant. Many women have felt good changes on their skin by using this mask. The thyme mask is beneficial for all skin types and helps control and even treat skin problems. You can mix thyme with argan or olive oil, apply it to your skin, and let it absorb all the nutrients in the plant for 20 minutes.

  1. Thyme mask for moisturizing hair

Thyme is also beneficial as a mask for moisturizing and hydrating hair. The thyme mask usually contains compounds such as thymol, carvacrol, flavonoids, and many well-known vitamins and nutrients that help beauty, health, and strengthen hair. It also controls hair loss and promotes their regrowth. Regular use of the thyme mask makes the hair strands thicker.

  1. Benefits of thyme fumigation for blackheads

Another method of using and affecting thyme on the skin is through its fumigation. This will lighten your skin, cleanse its pores, and ultimately help treat acne scars and spots that have been on your skin for a long time. If thyme fumigation is done regularly, it will eliminate the existing wrinkles on it. You can also use it to cleanse your skin and get rid of blackheads.

  1. Thyme oil and its effect on skin health

Thyme oil also has good effects on your skin health. The presence of linalool makes it act as an antioxidant and detoxifier, ultimately leading to the repair of skin tissues.

  1. The effect of thyme oil for hair strengthening

Another way to use thyme for hair is its oil. This compound strengthens your hair growth. It will also prevent them from breaking. It’s better to apply the oil to the scalp and hair stem a few minutes before going to the bath and see its extraordinary effects on your hair. Also, mixing thyme oil with olive oil and using it stimulates hair growth and makes your hair healthier and shinier.

صادرات آویشن

Treating inflammations with thyme

Is thyme good for inflammation? This is a question that many traditional medicine doctors often get from their patients. Thyme can help alleviate inflammations in three ways:

  1. In the body, there is an inflammatory enzyme called COX_2 that causes inflammation to occur within the body. Among the features seen in thyme oil is its inhibition against this enzyme.

  2. Carvacrol is also one of the chemical compounds present in this oil that greatly helps to alleviate body inflammation.

  3. Thymol is another compound in thyme that fights body inflammation.

Given these factors, thyme is very beneficial for patients suffering from arthritis or gout.

Disinfecting properties of thyme tea

You can use thyme for disinfecting the environment. The antibacterial properties present in this plant make it easy to eliminate the contaminants in the air and surrounding environment. In addition to this, thyme sweat can also be used as an effective substance for disinfecting the body.

Eliminating pests using thyme

People who are active in flower shops or are looking for ways to deal with insects in their houseplants can use thyme as one of the methods to combat pests. For this purpose, you should use thyme oil. Just mix 4 drops of it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Then, for every 2 ounces of water, pour 5 drops into a spray bottle and spray it on the plant.

How to prepare thyme tea

  • Step one: Pour thyme powder into a cup of boiling water.
  • Step two: Allow 20 minutes for the infusion to steep.
  • Step Three: Pour the contents of the cup into a strainer.

  • Step Four: Sweeten it using sweeteners such as honey.

صادرات آویشن

Medicinal and Therapeutic Properties of Thyme Tea

Among the properties seen in thyme tea, we can mention the following:

Heart Health and Blood Pressure Reduction

Consuming thyme tea will reduce blood pressure. As a result of this feature, the heart rate will also improve. In traditional medicine, thyme tea is considered a loyal friend of the heart. That’s why regular use of it is recommended for heart patients.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Among the cancers that thyme tea has an effect on, breast cancer and colon cancer have been mentioned more than others. This property of thyme is due to the presence of compounds such as carvacrol and thymol, which are considered antioxidants for the body.

Strengthening the Immune System in Cold Seasons

If you are looking for an effective herbal medicine for autumn and winter, you should try thyme tea at least once. There are vitamins in this plant that are effective in strengthening the immune system and preventing viral diseases.

Digestive System and Strengthening It

The function of the digestive system is like a chain that goes from the mouth to the intestine. Consuming thyme tea plays an important role in this process. This plant is very beneficial in the digestion of food and it is better to replace it with tea after meals.

Reducing Foot Sweat

With regular use of thyme tea, you can even reduce your foot sweat. To do this, just pour it into a basin and put your feet in it for 10-15 minutes. Then give it time to stay in it for a while.

Properties of Thyme in Weight Loss

For those looking for weight loss, thyme tea is the best choice. This drink has a warm temperament and significantly increases your body’s metabolism. Ultimately, it causes your weight to decrease. To benefit from this effect, it is better to consume it twice a day in the morning and at night.

Bone Strengthening

In the table related to the compounds found in thyme, high amounts of potassium, iron, calcium, and manganese are also seen. These are beneficial for bone and tooth health and prevent osteoporosis.

Thyme Properties for Preventing Coughing

In the thyme plant, there are properties called antiseptic and antibiotic. These two features cause disorders that are specific to the respiratory system to be treated. You can use thyme as a tea to treat diseases related to shortness of breath, cough, and bronchitis.

Mouth Freshener

For people who are sensitive to toothpaste, consuming thyme tea is an ideal option. This drink will eliminate bad breath. Especially for people who have oral and gum infections.

Mountain Thyme Properties for Fatigue Relief

Thyme tea can play the role of a relaxant for you. By drinking it during the day or at night, all the tensions you have will disappear and you will experience a comfortable sleep.

Thyme Properties for Menstruation

Menstrual pains and disorders that occur at this time may be unbearable for some people. At these times, the muscles will become cramped. Consuming thyme tea reduces this contraction and reduces pain.

صادرات آویشن

Who should not consume thyme?

Despite the numerous properties that exist for thyme tea, some people should not use it, otherwise it may cause adverse and in some cases dangerous results. We can see the harms of thyme in the following people:

  • People who are allergic to tea.
  • People who have high blood pressure.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • People who have thyroid disease.
  • People who have skin sensitivities.
  • Those who use specific drugs.
  • Children under the age of 10.
  • People who have severe heart problems.

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