Import from Turkey

واردات از ترکیه

Import from Turkey (Challenges and Opportunities)

In recent years, importing from Turkey has seen remarkable growth as one of Iran’s important trading partners. Various factors have contributed to this growth, including expanding international cooperation, the existence of a maritime border between the two countries, favorable exchange rates (with the Turkish lira relative to the Iranian rial), diverse and exemplary product offerings, and the quality of Turkish goods. These factors enable Iranian traders to import Turkish products at competitive prices and achieve substantial profits.

Turkey’s strategic geographical location and excellent access to other parts of the world have transformed it into a major hub for international trade. With large and diverse markets, cost-effective transportation facilities, business-friendly regulations, and customs facilitations, Turkey provides an ideal environment for Iranian traders. The Iranian population’s inclination toward purchasing Turkish goods further encourages importers and traders to engage in trade with Turkey.

Turkish products, known for their attractive designs, high quality, and reasonable prices, have gained popularity among Iranian consumers. These products span various categories, including clothing, cosmetics, household items, food products, building materials, machinery, and automotive parts. Some Turkish goods are renowned for their global brands, while others stand out due to their lower prices compared to similar domestic or foreign products, securing a strong market presence.

The advantages of importing from Turkey extend beyond individual transactions. Importing goods from any part of the world can positively impact local markets by introducing new and diverse products. Increased competition between domestic and foreign products can lead to improved quality, as local producers strive to maintain or expand their market share. Overall, the import-export process not only stimulates economic growth and business development but also contributes to a country’s income. It provides a reliable avenue for profit, as selling products in new markets creates additional opportunities for revenue. If you’re interested in importing from Turkey, Tata Trading Company can assist you with the entire process, from selecting goods to handling customs procedures.

Advantages of Import from Turkey

In general, importing goods from any part of the world can lead to positive and attractive changes in local markets of countries. When new and diverse products enter the market from around the globe, it creates a competitive environment between domestic and foreign products. This competition can drive improvements in the quality of local production, as domestic manufacturers strive to maintain or increase their market share.

The export and import process not only stimulates economic growth and business development but also contributes to a country’s income. It provides a reliable avenue for profit, as selling products in new markets creates additional opportunities for revenue.

Some advantages of importing from Turkey include:

Natural Resources: Turkey has rich natural resources that can be beneficial for import trade. These resources include dried fruits, livestock wheat, bananas, fiberboards, wood products, saffron, and soybeans.

Geographical Location: Turkey is recognized as a bridge between Europe and Asia. This favorable location has turned Turkey into a major trade center.

Skilled Workforce: Turkey has a skilled and specialized workforce that can ensure product quality.

Technology and Information Systems: Turkey has also made advancements in technology, which can be useful for import trade.

Capital and Investment Opportunities: Turkey’s international markets provide suitable opportunities for investment.

Diverse and High-Quality Goods: Turkey produces a variety of goods, including aluminum, copper, plastics, zinc, iron and steel, fertilizers, edible fruits, mineral fuels, coffee, and tea.

واردات از ترکیه

Profitable Investment Opportunities through Import from Turkey

Turkey’s diverse and extensive range of products from various brands provides numerous opportunities for investors. These opportunities allow them to discover products that precisely align with their needs and preferences. As a result, importing from Turkey holds a unique appeal for every customer.

In general, importing from Turkey, whether with low or high capital, can guarantee a very high return on investment. This concept is recognized in the investment world as a high-profit investment. It indicates that with Turkey’s thriving economy, conducting business transactions with this country is essential for investors to gain profits. Given that Turkey is one of the world’s large and prosperous markets, it can provide numerous opportunities for investors. These opportunities may include access to new markets, new technologies, and even investment prospects in various industries. Therefore, investing in Turkey can be considered a strategic solution for increasing profits and business growth.

What Products Should We Import from Turkey?

The best products to import from Turkey are those that can be swiftly transported from Turkey to Iran and quickly sold. These types of goods guarantee high profits for importers and can serve as a significant source of income.

One of the prominent products in this field is clothing imports from Turkey. This includes various types of socks and support garments, which are recognized as some of the most imported goods from Turkey. These products sell quickly in Iran and can generate significant profits for Iranian importers.

In the category of profitable imported goods from Turkey, we can refer to raw materials for textiles and plastics. These products, given the increasing demand for raw materials in various industries, can create significant investment opportunities. Additionally, various types of lamps and lighting fixtures are also products that have strong sales in Iran and can generate good profits for importers.

Importing household items such as various types of crystal and ironware is also considered among lucrative goods for trade with Turkey and sales in Iran. These products, due to the growing demand for beauty and quality in homes, can create substantial investment opportunities. In conclusion, selecting the best products for import from Turkey requires careful examination and a proper understanding of the market.

واردات از ترکیه

The best goods for import from Turkey include:

  1. Apparel and Textiles: Turkey is renowned for its high-quality textiles, fabrics, and garments. With robust infrastructure in this sector and a wide variety of stylish and well-crafted clothing options, Turkish apparel appeals to diverse tastes.

  2. Industrial Tools: Industrial tools are among the most suitable products for import from Turkey. They are in high demand in the Iranian market.

  3. Building Materials and Metal Coatings: Turkey is a significant producer of construction materials with high efficiency.

  4. Detergents and Cleaning Products

  5. Household Appliances, Kitchen Equipment, and Restaurant Supplies

  6. Children’s Products

  7. Furniture

  8. Nuts and Dried Fruits

  9. Jewelry and Accessories

Low Capital for Import from Turkey

If you intend to import goods from Turkey with limited capital, there are some important points to consider. First, keep in mind that having limited capital means you should not expect high profits. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t make a profit. To achieve substantial profits, carefully choose the type of product you plan to import as your first step.

For example, some goods have low customs tariffs. Compared to cosmetics or electrical appliances, cosmetics are the best option for import. The reason is that cosmetics have a large number of enthusiasts, and their customs tariffs are much lower than those of electrical appliances. Therefore, with sufficient research and limited capital, you can proceed with importing goods.

In this process, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a specialized team in the field of imports. One such expert group for importing from Turkey with limited capital is Tata Trading Company. Leveraging their experienced and knowledgeable team, they guide traders in the import process, even with budget constraints, to ensure profitable business ventures.

Additionally, to increase profits, you can choose a type of product that has higher market demand. Furthermore, to reduce costs, consider selecting goods with lower customs tariffs. Ultimately, by leveraging the expertise and knowledge of a specialized team, you can mitigate the risks associated with imports and establish a successful and lucrative business.

واردات از ترکیه

Development of Factories in Turkey

Turkey, one of the active countries across four continents, engages in the production of various goods with international financial and administrative standards, advanced technological tools, and talented and experienced employees. With its large and advanced factories, the country ranks among the best in terms of product manufacturing.

There are diverse factories in Turkey that produce various products using advanced technologies. These technologies offer significant advantages. For example, by utilizing these technologies, it is possible to produce the maximum number of products with minimal production costs. This results in cost reduction and increased profits for companies.

Furthermore, the large workforce in this country ensures smooth procurement processes. This leads to increased efficiency and reduced production time.

Turkish products also meet customer expectations in terms of quality. This is because the workers in this country are generally skilled and, with the necessary knowledge and experience, produce high-quality goods.

These factors have led to Turkish products being highly popular among buyers, both in retail and wholesale. This popularity is not only due to the high quality of the products but also because of their reasonable prices and the ability to supply a wide variety of goods. Therefore, Turkey is recognized as one of the important markets for production and distribution of goods worldwide.

Affordable Transportation for Import from Turkey

Turkey, with its extensive and diverse trade relations, is one of Iran’s important trading partners. The country’s favorable geographical location and connections to the Mediterranean and Black Seas have created abundant opportunities for maritime imports and exports. This position has also led to reduced international transportation costs, which is especially significant for our neighboring country, Iran, which shares a border with Turkey.

Imports from Turkey serve as a major source for trade, imports, and exports of goods to Iran. In recent years, Turkey has transformed into one of Iran’s key business partners due to its remarkable growth in imports. With an advanced and competitive international market, Turkey ranks among the leading countries globally.

Turkey’s success can be attributed to trust, creativity, and cost-effectiveness in its trade. According to the reputable magazine “ENR-Engineering News Record” Turkey ranked second globally in terms of commercial contracts with 46 companies out of the top 250 in 2017, following China. This demonstrates Turkey’s strength and capability in international trade.

Given these factors, it can be said that Turkey is an important and influential trading partner for Iran. Considering its numerous advantages, it is expected that these trade relations will continue to expand in the future.

واردات از ترکیه توسط شرکت بازرگانی طاتا

Import Rules from Turkey

To import goods from Turkey, you need to follow specific rules. Some of these rules include:

  1. Importing items such as alcoholic beverages and narcotics is prohibited in Iran.
  2. Certain goods require special permits from relevant government organizations. For example, importing pharmaceuticals requires obtaining a license from the Ministry of Health.
  3. When importing goods from Turkey, you must have documents such as insurance certificates, entry permits, purchase invoices, and import licenses from a company based in Turkey.
  4. To clear goods through customs, you’ll need to pay the relevant taxes and duties.

Steps for Importing Goods from Turkey

To import goods from Turkey to Iran, you need to follow some general principles. These principles are based on specific import regulations in Iran. Let’s explain each of these steps:

  1. Documentation and Permits: Before importing, ensure you have the necessary documents and permits. Some goods require special licenses from relevant government organizations. For example, pharmaceutical imports require approval from the Ministry of Health.

  2. Purchase Invoice and Import License: When importing goods from Turkey, you must have essential documents, including insurance certificates, entry permits, purchase invoices, and import licenses from a Turkish-based company.

  3. Customs Clearance: To clear goods through customs, you’ll need to pay the relevant taxes and duties.

Remember to consult with experts or legal advisors to ensure compliance with all regulations during the import process.

Best Customs for Clearing Goods from Turkey to Iran

For importing goods from Turkey and clearing them in Iran, you can utilize all the customs offices located throughout the country. This possibility exists due to the shared border between Iran and Turkey. However, some customs offices are more popular among traders due to their specific geographical locations.

One of the most favored customs offices for clearing goods from Turkey is the Bazargan Customs. This customs office is situated in close proximity (approximately one kilometer) to the Iran-Turkey border. Consequently, many traders choose to clear their goods through this customs office.

Bazargan Customs as one of Iran’s largest and most modern customs offices provides various facilities and amenities for goods clearance. These services include accurate and up-to-date information on customs regulations, guidance on clearance procedures, and consultancy services to address potential issues during the clearance process.

By choosing to clear goods through Bazargan Customs, you can take advantage of these diverse services and complete the goods clearance process smoothly without unnecessary concerns.

Import from Turkey

Iran’s Imports from Turkey

According to published statistics, the trade volume between Iran and Turkey has once again shown an upward trend in the first quarter of 2021. Out of the total $986 million trade between Iran and Turkey, approximately $505 million corresponds to Iran’s exports to Turkey, and around $481 million represents Iran’s imports from this country.

Furthermore, in the first quarter of 2021, the trade balance between Iran and Turkey has turned positive in favor of Iran. Despite a 29% increase in Iran’s imports from Turkey compared to the same period last year, Iran’s exports to Turkey have also experienced significant growth, with an 87% increase. As a result, Iran’s trade balance with Turkey has shifted from a negative $104 million in the first quarter of 2020 to a positive $24.4 million in the first quarter of 2021.

In 2023, Iran imported approximately $1.35 billion worth of goods from Turkey during the first ten months. This figure represents a 29% decrease compared to the same period in the previous year.

Please note that these statistics may change, and for up-to-date information, it’s advisable to contact the Iran Chamber of Commerce or other relevant authorities.

Shipping methods from Turkey to Iran

When it comes to transporting goods from Turkey to Iran, there are several methods available, depending on the type and quantity of cargo. Generally, three main approaches are commonly used:

  1. Road Transport (Truck): This method is suitable for smaller and lighter cargo. Trucks are commonly used for transporting goods overland between the two countries.

  2. Rail Transport (Train): For slightly larger cargo, rail transport can be an option. It’s generally more cost-effective than air transport but may take longer.

  3. Air Transport (Airplane): Air transport is the fastest method but also the most expensive. It’s typically used for valuable or time-sensitive cargo.

Keep in mind that the choice of method depends on factors such as the nature of the cargo, budget, and desired delivery time.

The advantages of importing from Turkey compared to importing from Europe and America

Turkish products have long been among the most desirable and popular items in the Iranian market. These products attract customers due to their high quality, beautiful design, reasonable prices, and cultural and geographical proximity to Iran. In recent years, Turkey has made significant progress in producing goods that closely resemble globally renowned and sought-after items, such as clothing, bags, shoes, cosmetics, and household goods.

The affordability of Turkish products, along with compliance with import regulations, has made them more attractive to Iranian customers and traders. However, it’s essential to note that although importing from Turkey is generally simpler and more cost-effective compared to other countries, there are still customs procedures and administrative steps involved in importing from Turkey. Therefore, familiarity with these laws and regulations and adhering to them can significantly expedite the import process and reduce potential costs and challenges.

واردات از ترکیه

High Quality of Turkish Products

Imported products from Turkey are of very high quality and meet specific conditions and standards. These products have been in high demand by Iranian customers and traders over the years. The quality of Turkish products results from their appropriate performance, alignment with customer needs, ease of use, and durability in various conditions.

Furthermore, Turkish products use the best and highest-quality raw materials and benefit from modern and advanced production methods. For example, beauty products and clothing from Turkey are among the popular items in both domestic and international markets, with a unique and universal appeal. These products are designed and produced in line with the latest global fashion trends, incorporating a variety of beautiful colors and textures.

After-Sales Services When Buying from Turkey

Purchasing a product that combines high quality, reasonable price, and comprehensive after-sales services allows the desired product to maintain its position in a competitive market and attract customers. Buying and importing from Turkey is one of the best options for obtaining quality products at an affordable price. Turkey, with its diverse and advanced industries, produces products that can meet various customer needs.

Buying and importing from Turkey comes with the utmost convenience and buyer satisfaction. Turkey provides continuous post-purchase services, emphasizing after-sales support such as warranties, installation and setup, repairs and maintenance, consultation, and customer satisfaction. These services ensure that customers are content with their purchases and trust Turkish products.

Import from Turkey by Tata Trading Company

Tata Trading Company, with several years of experience in importing goods from Turkey, is recognized as a pioneer in this field. Given the close trade relations between Iran and Turkey, Tata has successfully established a strong bridge between Turkish manufacturers and Iranian buyers. The company caters to customer needs by purchasing and importing various products, including food items, household goods, clothing, construction materials, and more.

Our professional team at Tata controls all aspects of the import process, from purchasing to customs clearance. By adhering to all customs regulations and ensuring efficient clearance, we provide confidence that the goods will reach the customer in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost. With trust in Tata Trading Company, you can easily import the products you need from Turkey to Iran. Tata serves as a secure and reliable gateway for importing goods from Turkey.