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Steps of exporting goods

Exporting goods is one of the important economic activities that has been carried out in various societies from the past to the present in order to develop the economies of countries. This economic activity is the opposite of importing goods and is considered an important and vital matter in terms of boosting the economies of countries; so much so that all economic experts agree that exporting goods is the main factor in the economic progress of countries, and therefore governments are trying to create a suitable platform and conditions for this important economic process for traders and merchants.

Given the importance and necessity of exporting goods to the economies of countries, as well as the efforts of governments to provide suitable conditions for doing this work, we must say that exporting goods is a difficult and difficult process, so it is always necessary to have sufficient knowledge and experience in this field. Because for exporting goods to different countries, it is always necessary to be familiar with international laws as well as internal laws of recipient countries in addition to preventing various problems in this field.

In fact, we must say that in general, the process of exporting goods requires compliance with a set of rules and regulations, which are generally referred to as export steps; therefore, before any action in this field, traders and merchants must be familiar with these steps and have sufficient experience in this field. Because considering the cross-border nature of this important and dangerous process, if the rules and regulations of this work are not observed, it is possible that the exporter will be recognized as a violator and will be requested by executive affairs.

So overall, we must say that exporting goods is an important activity in the field of economics and every country needs to carry out this important and dangerous activity to achieve economic development. For this reason, governments are always trying to provide a suitable platform for carrying out this important economic activity for their traders and merchants. On the other hand, traders and merchants also need to be familiar with the steps of doing this work for its correct execution and know international laws well in this regard.

Now if you are also looking for international trade or you have a newly established trading company and you want to expand your business, we recommend you to accompany us in reading this article. Because we intend to explain the steps and rules of exporting goods to different countries in this article.

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Getting to know the stages of goods export

As mentioned, the export of goods is a major factor in the economic development of countries. It was also said that to carry out the export of goods, it is necessary to be familiar with international laws in this field as well as the domestic laws of the recipient countries. For this reason, economic experts and experienced traders in the field of exports have defined a set of principles and stages under the title of “stages of goods export” that we need to be well acquainted with before any action in this field.

The stages of exporting goods to different countries are generally divided into 4 sections, and therefore these 4 sections are introduced under the following titles:

  • First stage: Strategy Determination

  • Second stage: Market Needs Identification

  • Third stage: What Goods are Better to Export?

  • Fourth stage: How is the Export Process Carried Out?

A full understanding of international export laws and familiarity with the above stages is an important and vital matter in the implementation of the export process, which in addition to understanding the theory of these laws, we also need practical experiences in this field. Therefore, it is necessary for small and newly established trading companies to consult with experienced and knowledgeable people in this field before any action in the field of goods export and carry out their export activities with the insight of these people.

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First stage of goods export: Strategy Determination

In this stage, you need to examine all aspects of your work. For example, you need to research the recipient countries of the goods and gain sufficient information about their customs and traditions, their need for various goods, the price situation of goods, export laws, etc.

In addition to knowing the recipient countries of the goods, you also need to examine your trade situation. For example, you need to determine comprehensive strategies for supplying your trade’s export goods, how to price goods, how to market sales of goods, cost analysis and initial capital, etc.

In fact, understanding these issues and determining the necessary strategies for the correct and principled implementation of the export process is considered an important and vital matter in this field. Also, the correct implementation of this stage is very effective in accelerating the process related to goods export activities.

Second stage of goods export: Market Needs Identification

In this stage, you need more time and expense to achieve better results. In this stage, you should examine the sales market of your intended export goods in the market of different countries to find a suitable market for selling your goods. By examining the market of different countries or in fact examining the need for your export goods in different countries, it will make you more successful in exporting and selling your goods and reach more profit in this way.

Therefore, before any action in the field of goods export, it is necessary to examine the sales market and the needs of different countries for your intended export goods so that you can achieve great successes in selling your export goods.

The third stage of goods export: Which goods are better to export?

The next step in exporting goods, which always requires special attention, is to determine a product as an export commodity. The best way to carry out this step is that you have properly completed the previous step, which is identifying market needs. Therefore, it can be said that these two steps are completely related and intertwined with each other, in such a way that you find out what commodity each country needs by examining the needs of different countries’ markets, and therefore by answering this question you can easily determine which commodity’s export can provide more profit for you. Therefore, before any action in this regard, it is necessary to determine your export commodity based on the needs of the country that you have considered as the recipient of the commodity, so that after implementing the process of exporting goods, you will achieve a significant profit.

The fourth stage of goods export: How is the export process carried out?

In this stage, you need to be familiar with how the export process is carried out and provide the necessary documents and papers for this task. However, generally, the export process can be divided into the following steps:

  • Obtaining a trade card: For any international trade activity, you need to have a trade card in your field of activity. Therefore, before carrying out other stages of the export process, you should have applied for a trade card through relevant organizations.

  • Export marketing: The most important issue in exporting is that the exported goods are sold in foreign countries. Therefore, to achieve such a goal, you need to identify different marketing methods and choose an effective advertising method to introduce your exported goods.

  • Proforma or pre-invoice: After determining the recipient country or finding a customer in foreign countries, as an exporter of goods, you need to provide a pre-invoice with price information, quantity of goods, etc., to the buyer.

  • Export contract: After providing the proforma, a bilateral contract in accordance with international export laws must be signed by the exporter and recipient of the goods.

  • Customs affairs: In this stage, all customs-related activities must be carried out by the exporter. For example, in this stage activities such as determining the customs value of goods, concluding contracts for transportation and insurance of goods, certificate of goods inspection, issuing invoices and certificates of origin, and sending goods from customs to the destination country are carried out.

  • Money transfer: The most important stage in implementing export processes is money transfer. For this purpose, banking systems and documentary credits or authorized exchange offices can be used. In conclusion, it can be said that with knowledge of the above stages and full awareness of the export laws of countries, one can engage in international trade and earn significant profits in the field of exporting goods to different countries. However, note that only knowing these stages is not enough because you always need to have experience in carrying out this important economic activity and be practically familiar with these stages. Therefore, it is recommended that before any action in this field, you should definitely consult with consultants and experts in this field and benefit from their experience in correctly implementing the stages of exporting goods.

Export of goods by Tata Trading Company

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